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How can a psychologist help me with parenting issues?

There is an old African saying "it takes a whole village to raise a child", meaning that the extended family, and indeed the neighbours and wider community, had an integral role in bringing up the children in the family.  In a more modern world, grandparents often play a smaller role, parents are working, fly-in / fly out (FIFO) is common, and parenting through the tough times may feel very isolating.

When you become a parent, most people enter with their own set of beliefs and expectations as to what parenthood means for them - how they will parent, and how their partner will parent. There are also the expectations of others - family members, friends, and the media.  Everybody has an opinion and it can be very confusing. If you Google "how to be a good mother" 391,000,000 results show up in just .40 seconds.  Similarly, "how to be good father" brings up 25,700,000 results in .40 seconds.    

Parenting can be a combination of pleasure and pain, because sometimes, in spite of how much you love them, children can test a parent’s patience.  Sometimes, taking a step back and a deep breath is just not enough and you need to speak to someone else you can offer an objective view on the situation, and suggest alternatives to addressing your child's problematic behaviour, your own set of beliefs and expectations, or maybe there is conflict with your partner about how to parent. 


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