Life Transitions 

Counselling in Perth


How can a counsellor help me through a life transition?

Heraclitus said that “Change is the only constant in life” but that doesn't mean that it is easy.  

Major changes in life such as

  • divorce,
  • long-term physical disability,
  • death of a loved one,
  • birth of a baby,
  • diagnosis of a serious medical condition,
  • migration,
  • retirement,
  • “empty nesting”, or
  • loss of employment

can be stressful.  You may suddenly become aware of the gap between what you would like your life to be and what your life actually is, and this realisation may be very painful indeed.


Some Tips for Coping

  • Self-compassion – expect to feel many different emotions (dislocated, depressed, anxious, sad, confused, guilty, angry) and tell yourself that this is normal and feeling whatever you are feeling is OK. Do something nice for yourself.
  • Allow yourself to grieve for your loss AND make space for the new chapter of your life that has just started.
  • There is no time-limit on grieving. It takes as long as it takes. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Please do get some support from a friend or a counsellor if it feels over-whelming or doesn’t seem to be shifting.
  • See if you can identify a “silver lining” in your distress. Sudden retrenchment can be very distressing and it also opens new opportunities for you.
  • Stress can take its toll on you physically and mentally. As well as learning how to manage your stress, make sure that you maintain your normal routine as best you can, exercise regularly, keep a healthy diet, and find support from others around you.
  • Be realistic about what you can and can’t achieve. Transitioning from old to new takes time and patience.
  • Don't struggle on your own.

Counselling can help you to grieve, make personal changes within, and adjust to the changes outside of you. It can also help you to identify your values and strengths in order to move forward into the future whilst practicing kindness and self-compassion during the tough times.


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