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How can a psychologist or counsellor help me with my depression?

Everyone experiences periods of low mood which usually passes and allows you to carry on with life.

Depression however goes beyond this.  It can be a relentless feeling of despair and helplessness that has a negative impact on daily functioning.  You may stop doing the things you enjoy and isolate yourself from others.  

Symptoms of depression include:

  • Loss of or increased appetite (weight loss or gain)
  • Sleep disturbance – insomnia, unable to get to sleep, unable to stay asleep, excessive sleep
  • Low mood, feelings of guilt or helplessness, no hope for the future
  • Irritability or restlessness
  • Lack of /loss of concentration, trouble decision-making and remembering details
  • Low energy /fatigue
  • Physical movement is slowed down or speed up (feeling agitated)
  • Loss of interest in activities that you used to find pleasure in
  • Somatic complaints (headaches, physical pains etc.
  • Suicidal thoughts and ideation

When you are caught up in negative thoughts and feelings it is difficult to see an alternative way of being.  When you have no motivation and are tired, it may be difficult to summon up the energy to do the things that used to give you pleasure or even simple household tasks such as doing the washing or paying bills.  You may feel ineffective and experience guilt and hopelessness. The more you get behind with your tasks and responsibilities, the worse you feel and you end up feeling stuck in a vicious cycle like this one which seems impossible to get yourself out of.




The good news is that you can come out of a depressive cycle and start to re-engage in a meaningful life again. You can start doing the things that are important to you and give you pleasure or a sense of achievement.  



Counselling can help you to see your thoughts more objectively, as thoughts rather than facts. Help you to identify particular situations that may trigger your low mood or negative thoughts, helping you to actively re-engage with the things that are meaningful to you.  You will start with small goals to get you going in the right direction so that you feel more confident and able to achieve again, as well as feeling less guilty and hopeless. Your mood will start to improve and you will start to feel more energised and motivated to face the world again.

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