Peri-Natal Depression and Anxiety

Counselling in Perth

How can a psychologist help me with my peri-natal depression and anxiety?

Before birth = prenatal depression and anxiety

After birth = post natal depression (PND) and anxiety

Having a baby and becoming a parent is life-changing. For some, becoming a parent is not always the joy everyone seems to talk about.  You may be left feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, exhausted, guilty, ashamed, isolated, even angry, and not understand why you are feeling this way. 

As a therapist, I have co-facilitated groups for women who were experiencing both antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety.  I understand the struggle that some women (and men) experience before birth and the journey afterwards into parenthood and can help you develop insight and skills to better manage when you are feeling overwhelmed and not coping.

Be aware that men suffer from PND also, and can benefit from talking through it with an experienced therapist.

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